Mobile Moms Day Brunch

A Family Affair Kitchen and Catering presents Mobile Brunch Entree’s for Mother’s Day.

You must use this form to pre-order by no later than 6:00 pm EST on Thursday, 5/7/20. The flyer including selections and pricing has been listed below to assist with order placement. Entrees are pick-up only and the location will be Steele Creek area in Charlotte, NC. More information will be disclosed in your confirmation email.

All entrees will come with a mimosa as a gift to show our appreciation in lieu of Mother’s Day. *ID’s are mandatory to receive your gift(mimosas). Additional Mimosas are available for a $6 gratuity.

Please note, this method is used as a market analysis to determine the interest of consumers within our area. The gratuity is used to cover all supplies, ingredients (except spirits) and time for preparation.  

We encourage responsible consumption, please keep that in mind when ordering. All beverages should be consumed by those who are 21+ in a safe environment not operating heavy equipment, machinery and driving.

Mobile Mother's Day Brunch

  • Family of 4: Meals - Desserts- Mimosas
    Family of 1: Meal - Dessert - Mimosa